TeamCity on Azure Windows Server

You’ve recently installed TeamCity on your Azure Windows Server and would like to access the TeamCity page from a remote computer. However, you are getting a timeout error when you try to access this page from the remote computer. What gives?

Firstly, let me just point you to these two resources for getting started with Azure Windows Server and TeamCity installations.

For the Windows Server setup, there is a tutorial video that you can watch on the Azure Portal. Navigate to: and you will see the following on your dashboard.


Once you select Virtual Machines you see the tutorial to get started with Windows Server on Azure.

Next, for TeamCity installation instructions, this can be found on the main website here:

Once you’ve installed TeamCity, you’d like to access it from a remote computer, as mentioned previous, however, you can’t because the web page keeps timing out. I experienced the same problem and below I’ve got the solution for you to save you some headache (as I had).

While searching around for why this was happening, I found this article here: It seems extremely promising, until I realized that it appears to be out of date, and Microsoft have made some major changes to the way that they have the UI structured to achieved what is mentioned in the article.

In a nutshell, what we need to do is configure the port to be accessible from a public facing computer (i.e. the remote that you are trying to connect from). From the Azure environment, this is handled slightly differently than a traditional server where you would just configure the router/hub/switch and the server’s firewall settings. Once you know where to find the configuration, it is much simpler than doing it the traditional way (as one would hope for cloud hosted solutions).

Let me walk you through the steps to get this configured.

Please note that this “tutorial” is for the UI version of Azure as at April 2017. If you are reading this in the future and do not see any of the components that I am talking about, Microsoft may have changed the way that you need to navigate to the setting in order to get this configured. Hopefully, the explanation that is provided here is enough to help you regardless of the UI.

On your dashboard you should see the followingazure-dashboard-2

Note the Network Security Group. This is the one that you need to click on.

Once there you will see a overview page similar to the one below (note that the TeamCity line will be missing in your case, since it has not been set up yet). (Click on the image if it is too small)


From the side menu, select Inbound Security Rules and you will see an option to add a new Security Rule.


Once you select Add, you will be able to fill in the details that pertain to your TeamCity instance. Enter the port number that you used when installing TeamCity and you will now be able to connect to your TeamCity instance from a remote computer.

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